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Tweak Bird – Tweak Bird

The brothers Bird – Ashton (drums) and Caleb (guitar) – who make up Tweak Bird, must love their drugs. There’s no other way to explain the weird and slightly psychedelic songs that reign on their eponymous album. While part of their sound could be described as poppy, there are also plenty of hard-rocking stoner influences to be found. Which – again - can probably be attributed to the massive intake of illegal substances.

A side effect of most drugs is a short attention span. Which is a plus when it comes to writing stoner songs. These guys don’t end up losing themselves (and their audience) in long, elaborate jams. They’d much rather let one riff explode before moving onto the next one, all the while making sure that they keep the structure of a good pop song intact. And they like to have fun… something that isn’t hard to pick up on either.

Produced by the Deaf Nephews (Melvins’ Dale Crover and Big Business’ Toshi Kasai), Tweak Bird’s self-titled album sounds like the album cover looks… it’s fun, carefree and it rocks like Ween getting it on with Queens Of The Stone Age in a dinghy.
Score: 7 out of 10

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