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The Sainte Catherines – Fire Works

The Canadians that make up The Sainte Catherines are back with another album. Whereas 2006’s “Dancing For Decadence” was still being released through Fat Wreck, these Cannucks have since moved on to Anchorless Records.

Still sounding like the younger cousin of Dillinger Four and The Larry Arms, The Sainte Catherines plow through 13 songs worth of Midwestern pop-punk on “Fire Works”. While the songs certainly aren’t a dud, they never quite manage to live up to the album title either. There’s just this sense of urgency that seems to be lacking. It’s only when they kick off a song like “Chub-E & Hank III – Vimont Stories Part II” that things start to get truly exciting.

These guys have got it in them to write a truly memorable album. No doubt about that. But for now “Fire Works” isn’t it. Hopefully next time!
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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