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The Chariot – Long Live

When you have a band that is led by a former Norma Jean member, you know you’re in for something heavy. But heavy doesn’t do justice to the controlled chaos that is “Long Live”, The Chariot’s fourth release.

These christian dudes are all about spontaneity (they recorded their previous album in one take) and are hellbent on making a lot of ruckus. Something that opener “Evan Perks” shows right from the get-go. Think equal parts Coalesce and Every Time I Die and you’re getting there. You can expect a lot of twists and unexpected turns… I don’t know if it’s meant to be funny but they sure got a laugh out of me when they interrupt “Calvin Makenzie” with part of some country song before lunging right back into their insanity. And anyone who can tell me what that harp is doing towards the end of the album, gets a free beer from me.

One of the definite highlights is “The City”, another song that gives the words ‘unbridled aggression’ a whole new meaning, before building up to some melodic gang vocals at the end. It’s like watching a flower grow out of a slab of concrete if you’ll allow me to get poetic for a moment. The band sure as hell won’t mind, they crank out a couple of lines themselves on “David De La Hoz”!
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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