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To Kill – Antarctica

After a couple of releases on GSR, Italy’s To Kill switched labels and found a new home with Germany’s Let It Burn Records. Do you remember what the last common cause was that the Germans and Italians found? Oh yeah, fascism.

Anyway, back to To Kill… they’ve always been a more than competent band that seemed to work hard. They now get to show their skills on “Antarctica” for the last time, because apparently this is their eulogy as they have broken up not long after the release date. Expect a ton of metallic hardcore to hit you hard with the necessary breakdowns and double bass drum parts. The only downside to To Kill are the vocals… they are decent enough but they could’ve used a double dose of nasty.

While these Roman dudes have never excelled at originality, they knew how to get people moshing. And that’s no different on “Antarctica”… so if you were into the band’s previous releases, pick up a copy to round out their discography.
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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