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Last Days Of April – Gooey

Last Days Of April is one of those bands that has been going at it for years, but who have never really gotten picked up on by the masses. This despite some solid albums like “Angel Youth”. Must be frustrating as fuck, which probably explains why in the last couple of years there has been an ever-revolving cast around vocalist Karl Larsson, the only remaining original member.

“Gooey” is the name of their latest album and once again I don’t think the masses are going to swoon all over this. Larsson and co. try their hardest to create an atmosphere filled with melancholy and a world of hurt in their indiepop songs, yet never really get further than an attempt. You already have to wait for the third song to hear something decent. “America” comes with some country influences and it gives the track just that little extra to make it stand out. After that it’s down the hill again with “I Can’t Control It” where one line is being repeated over and over… it’s a mistake they make more than once on “Gooey”.

“All The Same” comes with guest vocals by Evan Dando and it’s another good one but by then you’ve already made it halfway through the album. Not even the guest vocals Tegan and Sara’s Tegan Quin in the closing track can save this album at that point.
Score: 4 out of 10

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