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Seven Sisters of Sleep - S/T

By Christophe

I tend to find doom/sludge pretty dull. The sheer repetitiveness of the riffs, the lengthy songs, it doesn't do to me what it's meant to do to listeners: hypnotize and carry along on a headbanging trip into the dark abyss of the human mind.

But what if you'd compress those lengthy songs into freaky and intimidatingly heavy bits of, oh, say, 1 minute and 49 seconds?

Basically, that's what Seven Sisters of Sleep do. They took a very punkrock approach to an otherwise somewhat or sometimes boring genre.

And gosh darn it, this website is called "punkrocktheory", isn't it? With 8 songs in just under 20 minutes, this is more of an EP than a full-length. But the stoner riffs, gnarly vocals and straight-forward approach take no prisoners. Fans of Melvins or Sleep or Amen Ra or Neurosis with a short attention span, as well as the guards at Gitmo Bay, will be very happy to feel miserable listening to this gut-wrenching piece of ear-candy.
Score: 8 out of 10

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