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Fucked Up – Year Of The Ox

The latest installment of Fucked Up’s 12” single series in celebration of the Chinese Zodiac is out and it’s called “Year Of The Ox”. Just like its predecessors, it sees Fucked Up stretching the fabric of hardcore like a fat chick dressed in lycra. You keep on expecting that it will burst at the seams, but something everything stays contained.

The 13-minute epic that is “Year Of The Ox” starts off with a string quartet before erupting into some loud riffage topped off with vocalist Pink Eyes’ typical bark. Halfway through the song there’s a very dramatic climax after which Zola Jesus' Nike Rosa Danilova gets to wrap her vocal chords around Pink Eyes’ for the remainder of the song. Pretty cool stuff.

Next is up is “Solomon’s Song” which is – only – twelve minutes long. It’s a little less accessible than its predecessor. Described as a gothic vampire love tribute to Twilight, it’s a little too experimental for my taste buds. I think it’s the five-minute saxophone solo courtesy of the Bitters' Aerin Fogel that finished me off in the end.

It’s all nice and well but when is that new full-length finally coming out?
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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