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Mighty Sphincter - Resurrection

By Christophe

These two songs mark the return of the weird punk/goth/metal/...-band Mighty Sphincter. These guys have been around since the early eighties, and have been playing a very odd, unsettling and uncomfortable kind of music on a pretty consistent basis.

Call it some kind of punk/goth version of Alice Cooper.

Which is exactly what you can experience on side A, the title track of the 7".

Side B is a 6 minute bit of weirdness, that sounds like a horror movie with an acoustic guitar, an accordeon and creepy whispering vocals.

In all its freakishness, "Resurrection" is a fascinating EP. But you'll have to be a fan of theatrical, horror-themed antics to fully appreciate this.

... And no...Watching "Twilight" won't do the trick.
Score: 7 out of 10

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