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Weezer – Hurley

“Hurley” is already Weezer’s third release that I’m covering in a very short period of time and their first for Epitaph. It’s okay guys, we forgive you for “Raditude”. That album sucked, the new one doesn’t. You’ve redeemed yourself. How’s that for a review?

They named the album for the only character in “Lost” I gave a damn about and who was always good for a laugh while the rest of the cast was looking all serious trying to make sense out of the bullshit plot lines the writers were throwing at them. Kinda like Weezer dropping these cute and irresistible songs in a music industry inhabited by bands who take themselves way too serious.

So much for the philosophy part of the review… “Hurley” opens with “Memories” which features the Jackass cast and immediately sets the mood for things to come… a lot of catchy hooks, loud guitars and quirky yet sincere lyrics. “Ruling Me” is vintage Weezer, “Trainwrecks” is all nice and bombastic and “Unspoken” comes with an acoustic guitar and a flute before blowing wide open in the chorus. A flute? That’s right, a flute.

Of course there has to be an album clunker as well which comes in the form of “Where’s My Sex”… who thought that song was necessary? Oh well, on to “Hang On” which comes with backing vocals by Michael Cera (the actor who excels at playing geeks in great movies) before moving onto the rather unremarkable “Time Flies” that rounds out the band’s new album.

The best thing about a Weezer album is that you always know what it will sound like. The only question is if it will be a good one or not. Rest assured, “Hurley” is a return to form even if it won’t be a classic.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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