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Shaking Godspeed – Awe

You might still remember guitarist/vocalist Wout Kemkens from his previous band, The Bloody Honkies. This time around he’s tearing it up under the Shaking Godspeed moniker along with his partners in crime, Maarten Rischen (drums) and Paul Diersen (bass/keys). Barely a year after their first EP, they’re already dropping a full-length. And it’s a good one!

“Godspeed” opens with a frantic organ before exploding right from the get-go. And it’s not just the first song. “Awe” is filled with driving rhythms that hypnotize you, organ sounds that will get you moving and crazy, guitar sounds that will make this trip even more of a psychedelic adventure. It’s like listening to The Hives on acid with a bad case of the blues.

“X-Ray Eyes”, “High Hopes / High Times”,… . They’re all pretty friggin’ amazing songs that never cease to amaze with “Don’t Have Time” as the absolute album highlight. If this is a debut, shit… just imagine how good that next album will sound like!
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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