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Paceshifters – One For The Road

Paceshifters is a Dutch rock ‘n roll outfit that consists of three dudes who aren’t even 20 years old. Despite their young age they have already achieved quite a lot including a split with the Supersuckers, shows with Nashville Pussy, Peter Pan Speedrock and Triggerfinger and now a record deal with Suburban Records and a debut full-length. All that in just two years… just to point out that these guys are moving fast. Kinda like their songs.

“One For The Road” is all foot on the gas rock ‘n roll, slowing down just once for the rather neglectable “Dad”. Other than that they dish out a rather nice mix of (Peter Pan) speedrock, punkrock and some rather obvious Supersuckers influences.

While “One For The Road” is a decent enough album, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. The vocals sound forced at times, the lyrics are rather juvenile and it’s hard to tell the songs apart except for a couple of memorable cuts like “Age Of The Millennails” and “Starting Over Again”. It’s like listening to a diamond in the rough… the energy and talent is there, they just need a little more time to reach their full potential.
Score: 6 out of 10

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