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Coke Bust – Lines In The Sand

Straight out of Washington DC comes Coke Bust, a band made up by a couple of straight edge dudes who contrary to all the politicians that dwell the same streets, are not afraid to take a stand. And they sure as hell don’t take as much time to get their point across.

“Lines In The Sand” consists of 17 short blasts of thrashy hardcore that are bound together by an unrelenting wall of feedback. As a bonus you get another shitload of songs from the “Fuck Bar Culture” 7”, compilation contributions, unreleased covers and the band’s 2006 demo. All added up that’s a whopping 33 songs … which is kind of a problem. Because no matter how short the songs may be, 33 uppercuts is a bit much to take at once. Nevertheless these guys do nail the whole early 80s hardcore sound even if they don’t feel the need to add anything new to it.
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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