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Weezer – Pinkerton Deluxe Edition

When “Pinkerton” originally came out, critics and fans weren’t too crazy about it. The band was following up their hugely successful first album which was just chock full of hits and then came out with a sequel that was darker and more abrasive. It just wasn’t what people were expecting.

Over time though “Pinkerton” became somewhat of a cult album and now deservedly gets a second chance. Like all the Weezer albums that followed it, this one is not flawless. “Tired Of Sex” for example is about as empty as the song’s lyrical matter. But when Cuomo is good, he’s really good. That’s when the sun-drenched melodies pop up over distorted guitars with Cuomo singing about all the girls he wants but can’t get or about the ones that he did get but that got away. That’s when you get songs like “The Good Life”, “Pink Triangle” or the acoustic treat that is “Butterfly”.

The deluxe edition comes with a whole mess of live cuts and alternate takes along with a couple of previously unreleased B-sides. Not that it needs these. “Pinkerton” already was a great album that never got a fair chance the first time around. Hopefully it gets to redeem itself this time.
Score: 8 out of 10

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