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Senses Fail – The Fire

“The Fire” is already Senses Fail’s fourth full-length and on it they do exactly what is expected of them without adding anything new to their sound. You could say that the songs on here are a tad more aggressive this time around but that’s about it. Senses Fail still like to churn out aggressive yet melodic post-hardcore that comes with big choruses, courtesy of vocalist Buddy Nielsen.

Simply put, the band is sticking to what they know with only a track like “Landslide” standing out because of its sheer catchiness. As you work your way down the tracklisting, it does become ever harder to distinguish the separate songs. Safe is as good a word as any to describe “The Fire” I guess. And while I doubt they will be winning over new fans anytime soon, longtime fans should be satisfied by the band’s latest offering.
Score: 6 out of 10

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