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Iron Chic – Not Like This

Iron Chic gets to call Long Island, NY home and features former members of Small Arms Dealer, Capital, Get Bent, Jonesin' and the almighty Latterman. Sounds good ? Fuck yeah !

“Cutesy Monster Man” is the song that kicks off Iron Chic’s debut full-length. As soon as the rolling drums gain momentum and that heavily distorted bass line starts going alongside a 90s emo guitar line, I am sold. The band then proceeds by adding great melodic hooks to the mix and finish things off with a soaring chorus. And it’s not just the first song that hits the spot, it’s the same with every single song on “Not Like This”.

"Time Keeps on Slipping (Into the Cosmic Future)" is possibly even better, especially when the song whittles down to just bass and vocals before building up to a climax that is guaranteed to have everyone in the crowd sing along. The good tracks just keep on coming after that, all the way up until closer ”Every Town Has An Elm Street”.

If you were a fan of Latterman or think that Dear Landlord is the bomb, then you are going to shit your pants when you hear the gruff yet melodic pop-punk tunes these guys sling your way.

And wait, it gets even better because you can download the whole thing for free by clicking here.
Score: 9 out of 10

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