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Poison My Blood – The Great Northern

For album number two, Belgium’s Poison My Blood signed with Let It Burn Records and together they are now unleashing “The Great Northern” upon the unsuspecting masses. Yes,these guys play metalcore and yes, normally I can’t be bothered because I’ve grown so tired of the genre over the years. But Poison My Blood know all the tricks and they went for a more organic sound that’s dark and gnarly as fuck.

The vocalist has the kind of bark that is utterly convincing while the rest of the band is banging away at their instruments as if their lives depend on it while injecting the material with plenty of groove. The result is one brooding motherfucker of an album that will appeal to all the fans of acts like Misery Signals, Norma Jean and Poison The Well.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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