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Gifts From Enola – S/T

On album number three, Virginia’s Gifts From Enola still plays post-rock but they attack the genre with a metallic mindset. Meaning that the tasty soundscapes they dish out on their self-titled album are heavy as fuck. And I’m loving it.

The drummer on here sounds like he’s out for revenge and his drum kit is the culprit. The rest of the band assists him in executing the gnarly task at hand by swinging every heavy riff they’ve got at it, yet they never forget to inject the whole with a little melody or at the very least some cool sounds. The material on here is mostly instrumental but once the vocals do kick in on rare occasions, they simply round out the song. My one and only problem with them is that they are mixed way too far in the background.

There’s just five songs on here which clock in at a very respectable 37 minutes, yet the music on here doesn’t get tiring or boring for a second. If you’re into the likes of Pelican or Mogwai, you’d be doing yourself a favor by picking up a copy of this one.
Score: 7 out of 10

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