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Latin For Truth – Diatribe Or Die

From Scottsboro, Alabama comes Latin For Truth, a hardcore-tinged pop-punk outfit that commences kicking your ass at a very high pace right at the beginning of their latest release. Opener “Mexicaine De Perforation” shoots off a thrashy riff, backed up by drums that come with an equally short fuse and some shouted gang vocals. Call it a drive-by skating if you will. Halfway through the song the clean vocals come through and things take a turn for the unexpected. One that is more representative for the rest of the EP as it turns out.

The material remains powerful but is infused with catchy melodies and kickass vocals that reminded me a lot of a band like Craig’s Brother. Another highlight comes in the form of “88 Says”, a great song with some solid vocal interaction and more energy than a six-pack of Redbull. “Natural Tailor Of Natural Joy” is the only song that slightly disappoints. It just lacks some of the charm from the other songs. Luckily they immediately set this straight as they sink their teeth in “Phuckette Motorsports”, a Lifetime clone if there ever was one but a very good one so I’m not complaining.

Latin For Truth are onto something good here and I’m already looking forward to hearing more from these guys.
Score: 7 out of 10

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