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Banquets – This Is Our Concern, Dude 7”

From the artwork to the Big Lebowski reference of the title, there’s a lot to like about Banquet’s debut 7” before you’ve even heard a single note. Rest assured, the songs are equally likeable.

The members of Banquets have already sharpened their teeth in bands like Static Radio NJ, The Banner and Let Me Run before starting a new band together for the fun of it. So it’s not like you’ve got a bunch of newbies here who are still trying to figure out how to tune a guitar like yours truly. Nope, they know a song needs a head and a tail and a chorus that invites to be belted along. So that’s exactly what they deliver on “This Is Our Concern, Dude”. It’s rock ‘n roll wrapped up in punk and it doesn’t sound unlike a rawer version of The Gaslight Anthem or The Loved Ones.

While they’re not quite up to those bands’ level just yet, I’m pretty sure that once they’ve got their heels dug in, we might be in for a serious treat when they roll out a full-length.
Score: 7 out of 10

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