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Iskald – The Sun I Carried Alone

On album number three, Norway’s Iskald continue to dish out some dark as fuck traditional black metal. The only differences are more complex arrangements and a better production, which only helps the album make its point more clearly.

“The Sun I Carried Alone” opens with an instrumental intro that sets the mood before the demons are unleashed. I don’t like it when things turn into one big blastfeast afterwards and I’m happy to say there are plenty of tempo changes to be found, which only makes things more interesting. While maintaining that frosty sound they’ve become known for, these dudes are not afraid to throw in some melodies either. In some parts they even head for Opeth territory with some fairly melancholic parts.

Overall Iskald deliver another damn solid album that is very consistent throughout. Nothing more but definitely nothing less either.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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